Reflecting on the Forest and Nature School Approach

 By Sonja Lukassen A couple of years ago I was moving tables with a peer after shifting them to clean up a spill. I asked them what their plan was. “Where should we put this one?” I asked.  “It’s usually over here,” they responded.  “Is that where we’re going to put it now?” I asked. Continue reading “Reflecting on the Forest and Nature School Approach”

How we stay Safe and Kind while Playing on Ice

By Sonja Lukassen Playing with, on and near ice is incredibly inviting. Science and magic combine to offer a type of play that only happens outside when it’s cold- the conversion of life-giving splashy water into crystal, slippery, crunchy, slidey wondrous ice. It can feel tricky to say yes to playing on ice. If itContinue reading “How we stay Safe and Kind while Playing on Ice”

Dressing for Winter and Cold

By Sonja Lukassen Winter is almost here! Soon we can be certain that all of the precipitation that falls will be snow (yay!) and temperatures will not only be below freezing, but possibly very cold. Along with the cold comes the need to pay special attention to how children, adults, and families who will beContinue reading “Dressing for Winter and Cold”